Loop-able background?.

Hi, I’m developing a shmup (vertical scroller) and I was wondering, considering the background is a 3D scene, and the camera moves (with my ship) how can I make a loopable background?. I mean, when I reach the limits of the background it should start again, one approach could be to “teleport” my ship and my camera to the start of the map again when I reach that point… but… not sure.

Any ideas?.

If you check the Unreal Endless Runner video, that will teach you how to spawn a new element before you get to the “end” of the previous element.

This is one way to solve this.

Good luck!

Looking into it!, ty, I always thought it was a procedural spawn and didn’t apply to my needs, but I will check it out then.

Yeah, I looked at it and it seems it is exactly what I need.

One thing though, each “tile” of my background will be different, so I guess each time I will have to instantiate a different class, instead of the same as in the video, and then when I reach my final tile, I will instantiate the first one again. I guess there is no problem in doing so, but I wanted to mention it just in case.

That should be okay. If you have a pattern you want to keep to, instead of just spawning Static mesh X -> Static mesh X -> Static mesh X, you just need Static mesh X to spawn Static mesh Y, which will spawn Static mesh Z, which will spawn Static mesh X. :slight_smile: And there is your loop. :slight_smile: