Lookup table + Scene Capture 2d?

So we know that in the world info we have the option to plug in a color grading lookup table texture but i was wandering if it is posible to implement this feature in the properties of the scene capture 2d actor?By default the scene capture 2d actor does have the option to plug in independent post process chains but no option for a color grading lookup table.I was holping that it was going to be as easy as just to find the code for the color grading lookup table in the worldInfo.uc and paste it to the default properties of the scene capture 2d actor but i cant find any reference in regards to where the code is.
Is this color grading lookup table feature hard coded to the engine and thats why im not finding anything?

I added this to the SceneCapture2DActor script and it does compile and gives me now a square to check and plug in a lut texture but sadly it doesnt show any effect of the lut texture being used.Most probably still missing code.Ive found a good ammount of code in regards to LUT in the postProcessVolume script.

Will continue to investigate but if someone have done something like this,please share.
The reason im playing with placing the option to have independent LUTs in the scene capture 2d actor is because im playing with the idea of a a comic for example.I have 4-5 scene capture 2d actors on screen showing me a different room at once to my main camera that is looking at the 5 scene capture 2d actor materials and have different color style in each room at the same time.Its doable if i use a post process chain but making luts in photoshop gives more freedom.

just adding a variable will of course not magically make stuff happen :wink:

if this feature is really not implemented I’d say you’ll have to do it as a postprocess material. a LUT is just a remapping of values from one (default) table to another (custom) one, so with some work it should be possible as a material. if you get stuck in the logic on how to do it, you can always check the shader code for LUT in UE4 to try to understand the remapping

I think i disposed of most of my shame long time ago hahaha.

I will stick using post process chains with unique names and togle them.When making a material for a post process,is there a node in the material editor that shoud act for the scene highlights/mid tones and shadows?(just like the basic properties from the world info )Obviously will start with a scene texture sample.

I thought you just wanted to apply a color LUT, what is this about scene highlights/midtones/shadows then?

I will make it more simple as i read my stuff,it does sound a litle confusing.Leaving everything on one side here is the main thing im being puzzled at the moment.

1.A simple room
2.I have attached a scene capture 2d actor to the player.
3.Made a lut for the example and is applied to the scene.
4.The material for the scene capture 2d actor is placed on a poly plane interp actor in front of the player and the same material is placed on a kismet canvas node.(right bottom of the screen) gratis

So we see that when the material is applied to the canvas,it is not picking up any of the information from the lut or all most nothing from the main level post processes.(the material on the interpactor does work).

For the canvas i used hourences Kismet Interface
Which is a moded version of the udn Canvas Kismet nodes(which show the same result by the way)

So the problem must be in the HUDKismetSeqAct_RenderTexMat im using?Or maybe the canvas doesnt respect the rgb of a scene capture 2d actor or the world or viceversa?

Ahhhhhh :mad:

Read some info on UDN and found out that nodes made for normal full scene postprocessing will not work with SceneCaptureActor.So looks like i did everything right.It was just never implemented.

End of the page in known limitations…

Lets see if i can get more creative with this.