Looks like this might be a cool new real-time, strategy game

Hey guys, just wanted to share a new game that is on kickstarter called General Conflict, a combat command simulator/strategy game for Android.
We all remember great old strategy games like Dune, Starcraft and C&C Generals. And now the time has come to bring RTS games to mobile users
Well balanced gameplay allows you to achieve victory only by simultaneously controlling all aspects of RTS gameplay, including: mining resources, building structures, controlling units, defending bases, and, most importantly, attacking the enemy…

Time period: present day and near future
Three factions: The United States, Russia, and Middle-East Terrorists
Units: Infantry, Ground Vehicles, Air crafts Unique units:
Unique ground vehicles can be created from existing templates
Loadout: light / medium / heavy
Weapons: anti-infantry / anti-tank / anti-air
Armor: light / heavy
As well as other options
Building bases, mining resources, training armies
Game modes: Skirmish or Team vs. Team
Map missions: Defeat All Enemies, Control The Points, Capture and Hold Object, Gather a Certain Amount of Resources

Well I can keep on going here, I’m really excited about this game since I love strategy and well thought out games, I left the link here so you guys can check it out:

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Unless this is a UE4 project then it doesn’t belong here. I’m guessing not, if it is let us know and I’ll reopen the thread. Also, moving to WIP section