Looking to work with artist/designer on a Tomb Raider Level for portfolio content etc


I was wondering if anybody wanted to work with me on a small project for experience and content for a portfolio.

The scope is to create one level only from one of the classic Tomb Raider games, such as Tomb Raider 1,2 or 3 etc. The plan is to have a fully playable/interactive level with detailed environments with a playable character. I will implement the TR Anniversary Lara Croft model and create some gameplay functionality such as running, sprinting, climbing, shooting and health etc. There will be enemies in the level depending on what we decide on. I can accomplish this by using my blueprint knowledge and some of the systems I already have. I just need some help with creating assets for the level,

Please contact me via skype @ bobsy95 if you are interested and want to discuss the project.

Only post if you have positive comments and no negativity.

Kind regards,