Looking to transition from a custom game engine

I created a custom game engine for scientific research and the amount of effort for upkeep is getting beyond that of a single part-time developer. I would like to investigate transitioning to UE, but I would like to know if I can replicate some of the unique features in my engine. If it requires coding a plugin, that’s fine, I’d just like to know how much effort (I’m an experienced C++ and python developer): [ol]
[li]Multi-display support (I believe the answer is yes), but, …[/li][li]Custom projection support[LIST=1][/li][li]I have a multi-gpu setup with 3 projectors rear projecting on a 290 degree curved display[/li][li]I have single display that bounce projects onto a screen warped into a cone. I use multi-pass to render to texture and then warp the result into an annulus for display[/li][/ol]
[li]Two-way communication over sockets[/li][li]Access the camera position and rotation in real-time and export it (to console or TCP socket)[/li][li]Access events and export (when the player/camera enters/exits an area report the object)[/li][li]Live scripting (I have a python interpreter inside the game engine, that the end-user can send command over socket to change object colors, move objects, …)[/li][/LIST] Any information on how I could implement these, or at least a equivalent function in UE.



3. udp messaging
4. possible with c++ or blueprint (bp)
5. can be achieved in bp
6.…hon/index.html python for ue4,but would not recommend it and i’ve not used. Instead umg (ui) buttons etc for this.

Use blueprint as much as possible and avoid c++ api. (I am a c++ guy, I am saying from many years exp of coding only with c++ in ue4)