Looking to Start a team.

Hey all,

Currently looking to start a team, got unreal engine a few months ago currently focusing on learning blueprints, and level design, if anyone wants to start a little project/game together let me know :slight_smile:

Just add me on Epic launcher chat or message/pm on here!

All skills are needed and just want to have fun and learn.



I will add you today, currently working on a little project, also started to learn EU4 a few months ago, could use someone to learn it together.

I will add you as well. I’ve only been using UE4 for about a month, but I’ve been obsessed with learning all I can about it. It would certainly be nice to learn with someone or even a group.

It doesnt makes any sense…people just fading away after they start a thread “Looking for a team to learn”…

Fading away? It’s been a day. Maybe they just haven’t been back to check it yet.

Are you living in a desert and have no smartphone to check this page whenever you like or something?

A lot of people in the U.S. don’t have smartphones or don’t know how to use them to check the forums. Are you living under a rock or Beverly Hills?

This is a common issue with game developers, we like never have time to check through forums much. Too busy making those awesome games. :slight_smile:

Smartphones? Phones are smart? What’s next, Skynet? :eek:

Hey all will be replying tomorrow, I work Nights Currently and am from the UK, sorry for not replying stright away :slight_smile:

I added you too.

i want to join your team … i am new to unreal and looking for a team to learn unreal … can i join?

A team for learning unreal would be fantastic. I’m a modeler, and can make some pretty normal looking hand painted textures, which I’ve been studying endlessly for the last couple of weeks.

I’m a modeler who is currently obsessed with getting things moving. I’ve been using blender for years and just started the unreal engine grind. Having people to bounce information off of and maybe work with sounds great. Add me.

Let’s do this. Send me an email or add me for a hangout .