Looking to start a team for a Sci-Fi Survival FPS

Hey! I am looking for a well dedicated group to help developed a Sci-fi survival FPS. I am pretty cautious of throwing out my ideas in a public manner though the most I can reveal is that I have what I would think is a really amazing idea/Concept for a planetary survival FPS. I imagine a crash landing senario with random parameters and planters settings that keep the game intense and replay value high with a big emphasis on teamwork and communication. I plan to have different survival/escape senarios with a huge amount of upgrades and customization. I think you get can gather a reasonable image in your head from this.

Currently my personal skill set is in game logic, blueprints/C++, networking and infrastructure. I have tried really hard to learn and understand things like level design, animation, modeling. But my artistic ability is something I strongly lack in. It’s tough for me to put my imagination in a visual artistic form. Though when it comes to problem solving or critical thinking I excel.

I am looking for Level Designers, Modelers, animators, textures, and maybe a few programmers. I don’t expect you to be a genius or creme of the crop. Even if you are just a hobbyist like me or still learning I would be excited to pick you up!

Pay wise I think depending on the success of the game will determine those things, but by no means am I looking to start this project and not finish. I don’t see this as something for fun, I see this as a potential business or career opportunity for myself and anyone involved. I have many more game ideas floating around in my head but this one is currently the one I think I have invested a large portion of brain storming into.

If interested please email me at:

Including work you have done is not required but it does give a good sense of yourself if you do. Include a fair assunption of how competent you are in the thing you are applying for. Only serious applicants please! I am looking to invest a large amount of my time into this project and I would like if you are capable of doing that as well. I estimate 6 months to a year for completion which I feel is a very fair amount of time.