Looking to showcase some interior and exterior archviz scenes in exchange for contract

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I am officially launching my archviz company this week because I currently have a few clients who are interested in having me create their work based off of the model we’ve created and the functionality of the system we’ve designed.

I’m looking to hire 2-3 artists or teams to come on and help me create several home models, as well as an entire neighbourhood, interior and exterior with my clients Auto/ArchiCAD models provided with drawings of the neighbourhood. Our system is customized to create a one of a kind experience for every person who uses our project. I come from a real estate background but my formal education is in video game design so I’m really excited to create something special that will hopefully have an impact on the new homes industry.

Please email me at nathannasseri at gmail dot com to learn more.

What I want to see if some archviz work you wouldn’t mind me sharing in a video to my clients so they can understand what quality of work they are investing in.

What I am looking for in your work is photorealism.

Looking forward to seeing the submissions and developing a long lasting relationship to make our customers happy.

Hi NathanNaz ,

do you have the 3d models ready and you want to visualize them in UE4 and you’re aiming for realism ,if so I can handle the texturing part of your projects not the lighting ,but i promise you a high fidelity and quality on the texturing side of things.

I’m an architecture student and i have a solid understanding of layering materials and that’s where the next texturing gen is heading right now .i have no problems setting up a whole arch viz scene in UE4 using matinee ,my only weakness is lighting .

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Can we have some examples of your work? i would possibly be interested but only if your at a similar level im at.

Moved to correct section–also try and update with whether you are offering payment/royalty/etc.

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