Looking to remove/mute a very specific sound

I dug around in the files a bit, and did a little bit of googling and came to the conclusion that to do this, I may just need to make it a mod that my friend can load when we play, because he suffers from misophonia and it gets triggered pretty badly by the sound other characters make when they pull out/put away a held item, or open an inventory/menu with an item in hand.

So I am looking to mute this sound specifically, and I know its not as simple as deleting the .wav from the directory, since everything is in .asset format.

problem is, I have no experience modding Ark or with the UE. I do have quite a bit of experience with unity, so game engines are not entirely unfamiliar, but rather than self teach a new game engine, I’m asking for helping with making this mod. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

If someone could help I am still trying to figure this out, and it has been such a headache. I know replacing or changing the volume of sounds should be a simple thing, so many mods out there already do it. If someone experienced in mods could help, I would be eternally grateful, but as it stands I still have not even figured out how to open the .uasset files and find the sound I’m looking for. They are encrypted and wont open in Unreal editor.

So I got the ark dev kit installed, and found the sound in question:


These are what I want to mute/remove, but I have no idea how to proceed from here… how can I mute these sounds and turn it into a mod that my friend can load?

so after two days of trying to get the dev kit to run on my PC AND my roomates beast of a PC, I am having no luck. I guess the problem is that both mine and my roomates PC have to have the devkit installed on our HDDs. they will not fit on our SSDs.

Can someone with a set up that is capable of running the ark dev kit PLEASE help me out here, I am out of options, I do not have the hardware to accomplish this extremely simple task of muting these two sounds! If I didnt have to wait hours on the program every time I click, I’m confident I could learn how to do this and make it within 30 minutes.

but again, I simply do not have access to the PC hardware necessary to use the devkit, so can someone please do this for me. At this point I’d even be willing to pay someone a small amount, this has been such a headache, and I’ve received no assistance so far.

Let me take a look around the devkit today and see if I can remap those sound effects and make a small mod for you. Rather than muting, if you want the sounds replaced with another sound in the game let me know the replacement sound.