Looking to put together a team - Escape room COOP game


I’m interested in restarting game dev. after 1.5 year break (finishing up education). So my goal is to putting together a team or joining one.

About the game idea:

I had an idea of a escape room type of coop game. 2 people (or more) collaborate to finish up puzzles. Story elements could be added. Possibilities of VR, online and random generated rooms. If your not familiar with the game type its basically: You enter a room and your goal is to solve puzzles! Fun elements of “Ticking clock” could be added such as: rising water level in the room, walls closing in, a fuse attached to a bomb etc etc!
First of the goal would be to start with a small scope to nail the basic gameplay.

I believe its a good idea since there does not exist many games like this and it’s relativity easy to make!!

About me:

I did put together a team a couple of years ago. I was proj. manager and 3d artist. Down bellow you’ll see some 3d art I done and a WIP. of the vertical-slice me and my team did work on. I’m 26, working as an engineer on the side.

I’m looking for talented people and the personal chemistry needs to be good! All different skills are welcomed.

Contact me at: [EMAIL=“”]