Looking to put together a small team to create a game to put on kickstarter

I am looking to create a small 3d Psychological horror game to put on kickstarter so that I may pursue many more games from here. I need help with 3D Modeling and Animation, I am very Experienced with Audio Engineering. At this time I can promise you portfolio rights from the beginning and cannot guarantee payment as of this moment as the funds for the game will be coming straight from my pocket. Please do not let that deter you and assist me in creating this project I am very passionate about. The game won’t be too big either as it is intended to be 30 minutes long at most, it is set in modern times and has a couple cinematic scenes and voice acting, Do not worry about the voice acting as I already have the voice actors. Upon any kind of additional funding or profit, I will then move forward with the team in creating a contract to reimburse them for the time and energy they invested in me. If you are a 3D model Artist or an Animator and are interested in the role please message me on Discord at Nero#4591 or Email me at

im interested in the 3d design department, i can make tons of really cool static meshes at high quality and can also do skeletal meshes rigged up and ready to go, though you may need an animator. im still learning how to animate, im also one hell of a sound engineer (10yrs experience), from in game music to sfx, even full songs if needed. i also play several instruments should you desire the most authentic sound possible. im honestly looking for the experience, not worried about money and im almost always available. please contact me if you think i could be useful to your project in anyway.

Steven L