Looking to put a team for large AAA FPS Game

Hi, my name is Trevor and I am looking to put together a team for collaboration (as of this project) for unreal engine 4. We currently have one programmer and
and 2 modelers. We are currently searching for the following…

  • Experienced 3D modelers. (organic or non-organic)
  • Experienced 3D animators.
  • UI artists.
  • Experienced C++ programmers who also has experience with UE4.
  • Advanced AI Programmers who also have some experience with UE4.

Our first project is a big fps game similar to Cod and battlefield which we intend to release for Console and PC.
The FPS game has already been thought through such as weapons, multiplayer, a good amount of campaign etc…
If anyone would like to know more and/or is interested in joining us, please email me at

Thank you.

There is a recruitment template sticky in this forum for those who want to show basic seriousness about their projects and recruitment here. You should use it.

Also making a AAA game like CoD for you’re first project does need some explaining how you want to archieve the effort required (>100 professionals for 2-3years) with
an unpaid indie team and without gamedev experience. you know, just to convince people that you have a realistic plan and not just a dream.

Xeny, this is all OpticalIllusions.

I’m not sure if you understand what AAA means, but it does not belong in the same sentence as unpaid.