Looking to possibly build a team for a Sci-Fi Horror rogue-like work

I am hesitant to reach out to people, let alone people to work with due to a falling out with a friend I teamed with for this project.
That was some months ago.

please note this post will be deleted once I feel I have a decent team.

I have submitted for a developer grant with what I have so far, amount unknown and what I have may not be good enough I just really wont know till the handler gets back on the 23rd. So to start this may be paid, royalty, or free until I can pay you or compensate you in some way for your work. I however will be somewhat controlling, I have a somewhat specific vision in mind and I will do it all alone if I must to do it. This is going to be do or die for me, I dont expect that from you but I expect a respect for it. Everything done should be for the good of the project first and foremost.

Now for the project itself, it will be a survival horror title set in orbit of saturn years after a civil war with earth and its colonies over resources rights. A salvage crew that the player is a recent addition to arrives to check it out. Things happen and they trigger something that has them being hunted down and killed one by one. The primary mechanic will revolve around hiding and interfacing with the environment.

Here is a a video, it too will also be removed from the internet in a short amount of time

So I will be essentially the director and filling roles as needed and learning what I have to in order to do them to complete this project. I have no resume, this is my first project. I want to be clear and honest with whoever works with me. I may link you to an early build that was used for a submission during the meeting and discussion process so you can see the environment for yourself. To be clear though the assets are mostly store bought that I modified for my needs.

What I need at the moment is
3d modeler for characters (as well as being able to rig n animate them preferably as well as for the environment though not needed as important. Preferably able to also make textures)
Programmer for the AI - Needs to be able to program a type of learning ai with stalking behaviors as well as ambush that interfaces with environmental assets
VR HUD designer - Need to be able to simulate a space helmet with with a menu thats comfortable in VR as well as 2d
Maybe a texture artist and a interface artist
Environment 3d modeler - Must be consistent to themes seen in the video, an eye for hiding places and interfacing with the player

If you are interested, Ill message you a contact method (probably skype). If you can, please post a link to or a pic of something representative of your work. If its hard like with programming an ai, a youtube video is cool too.

This project is currently using 4.12.5 if that affects your choices.

Hey! My name is Jimmy and we’re a production company in LA.

Here are our reels:

VFX Reels: VFX LOS ANGELES \ Motion Graphics on Vimeo
Editing Reels:
Production Reels: Augustus Films Production Reel on Vimeo
White Board Animation: Blocs Scholarships final jan 2016 on Vimeo
Animation Sample (frog commercial):
Animation Sample 2 (
Character Reel: Augustus 3D Modeling Clips on Vimeo

Please let us know if you’d like to partner!


Hey it sounds interesting, but people really need a better idea of if this is paid, royalty or unpaid before committing their time.

UndeadRaiden I wont know what my resources will be until monday so I am not super sure however if I have enough funds I will pay for the time. However, if I dont really get a lot I will offer royalties/profit sharing for the work. Its just I do not know until the handler gets back to me.

JimmyAF I really like your vfx work, I could actually use that talent for the project. DM me your rates or terms for about 5-10 2 min videos involving scenes of cities being destroyed by debris falling from space and explosions in space seen from the earths surface (ideally something like what was seen when the US tested nukes in space) as well as riotous uprisings. The cities dont have to look too futuristic, or in fact I may be ok that they look as they do now.