Looking to partner with an artist that owns a Vive

I’m looking to form a long term partnership with a 3D artist to work on several indie VR titles I have in early development. I would also like this person to own a Vive him/herself for the purposes of viewing the content as it will appear to the end user and for testing in games that involve multiplayer.

The most common assets to be modeled will be characters. The ideal candidate will use a high-poly sculpt to low-poly with projected normal method. You don’t necessarily need to do rigging and weights as I can do those.

I would prefer to compensate as a percentage of revenue from the games after they are released, but we could also work out a split between upfront pay and a percentage.

If you are interested and want more details, email me with a link to your portfolio at
Thank you.

Still looking. The first project is Element-None which has its own WIP thread here -> Element-None - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums