Looking to partner up with developers working with unreal engine 4!

I am looking for someone who is familiar or at least descent at UE4. So we can learn from and help each other! haha. So if your willing to partner up… Leave me your skype or email of the sort. So we can talk. I need a fellow dev companion!

I am currently 16 years old and a male. I know a descent amount about developer related things. I even made a few android games from game maker .

This post belongs in the forums section under skills/talents. Please only post questions or problems you encounter when working with the engine here.

I would be interested, I am 15. Shoot me an email and I can email you some screen shot examples of my projects

Sure . daryn36@gmail.

Hi Fabulous_hotdog,

This post would be better served on the forums under the “Got Skills? Looking for Talent?” section. It is specifically set aside for like minded developers to attract talent and teams to work on projects.


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i would like to be in,my email is i can send u a sample of my game.its a first person horror game i am working on.the ai is going to be advanced and i am working on the fridge,sofa,t.v etc etc.i made so many things.i know basics of 3d and so i also want a partner and i am 15 years old…

can i send too??