Looking to make a simple tablet space game - and release it

Hey guys. I am a blueprinter and I have fairly extensive experience with UE4 now, you can see a small portion of my portfolio here:

Here is an example of a tablet framework I’ve made: Tablet RTS - YouTube (we can do an RTS like this, but I’d like to simplify as a TD, perhaps with a persistent fleet)

I am looking to make a basic Tablet game and see it through to completion.

I have the framework of a few tablet games started (A tower defense type game where capital ships with turrets are the ‘towers’, as well as an RTS). We can either continue a project I’ve started or start fresh together. I’m open to ideas and suggestions, the only area I won’t budge on is that we must do a space game because that’s what I have assets for and where my interests lie.

Mainly I just don’t want to do it alone, as I work a lot more efficiently with others. I’ll take on any skill level and even teach if you’re willing to contribute.

Our goal would be to actually see the game through to completion. That’s the hardest aspect of game design, so our project will be necessarily simple, but not a joke either.

If this sounds interesting to you let me know with a reply or contact me on skype at Ayreon45