Looking to make a build for HTML5. How do I go about this?

Hello! I’m currently finishing up a small arcade game that I would like to make available in a browser(HTML5). I’m usually very good at figuring it out, but this I’m currently at a loss for.

I have made the game entirely in the Blueprint System and am not familiar with the C++ side of development. Other than that, I don’t have much in terms of information other than I’ve been able to make builds for Windows and the game plays great from an .exe.

If anyone has a direction to point me in, some steps to take, or if I’m just overlooking something, any information is appreciated!

Thanks a bunch! I’ll take a look right at that :slight_smile:

The quick answer is use unreal frontend to build your game for HTML5. there is a brief walk-through here https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/115679/ue4-45-cannot-launch-to-html5.html
Hopefully, that’ll get you on the right path but if you get stuck just ask :slight_smile:

Hi there! I totally forgot about this post. Just wanted to add an update:

I’ve run into some issues with getting a build for HTML5 to work properly.

Here’s a clip where I go through my step-by-step. It’s entirely possible I missed a detail somewhere or just incorrectly installed something. Just hoping a second pair of eyes can help. Thanks in advance!

Clip: - YouTube

from a quick watch of your video it looks like you’ve got the wrong SDK version installed. You need Emscripten 1.22.0.

Thanks for the response! Ill give that a shot and let you know how it turns out. Appreciate it!

Almost got everything working!

I re-installed Emscripten 1.22.0 and added a PhysX folder for HTML5 that I was missing (d’oh).

Everything packages properly and I can get everything -but- rendering to work properly in Nightly. To test if the packaging was working properly, I made a new project from one of the blueprint templates and everything ran perfectly in Nightly.

I’m under the impression that it might have to do with some of my textures not being powers of 2, but would that cause the entire game not to render? It’s possible i’m overlooking something again.

Here are the two screen grabs of what is working in the browser

FInally got it figured out. I had some settings mixed up when cooking and deploying. Thank you for the help!