Looking to join a Team to build a game.

I would love to join a team and learn more about UE4 I don’t have much experience but I have been creating basic level mockups.I got a basic shooter template setup at the moment and would love to start building a FPS\TPS if you are interested in getting a team together or if I could join one that would be great. Please let me know add me on Skype if you would like Skype I’d is MrQuintal

Hey Mr_Q_Blaze,

This section is more so for Ark: Survival Evolved modding specifically, but regardless, if you are very serious about this; then you should consider checking us out @ & applying.

Do note that our requirements listed on the careers section are shooting for the stars in some regards so to speak, but don’t let that stop you from submitting an application/cv even if you are underqualified. Some of us don’t have all of the more extreme requirements met (such as being an Unreal Game Jam finalist for example), so again, don’t fret :).

Passion & drive is almost equally as important as experience to us.

We are a brand new start up Game Development Studio that is not only working on a massive Ark mod for the next contest, but our own FPS game concept as well. We have an entire concept that we are starting to work on with a business plan ready & in place. We are all currently earning our own income through the company (freelance work, asset creation & selling, etc etc), so it is paid, just not salary yet (will be eventually), and everyone has to be willing to create their own incomes right now.

If you are interested in more info, then click on the IO Studios logo in my signature, register an account, and then check out our careers section & apply (we will be removing the currently necessary evil of having to register an account before being able to view the site, but until then anyone who wants to see the website will have to. Feel free to use random account info you don’t use anywhere else if you are leery of having to make an account).

  • Sinari

I’m new to unreal and looking to join a team. I love games and have a passion to make one. I’m doing all kinds of learning for C++