Looking to hire for multiple positions on a brand new team!


My name is Tim Schumann and I am currently looking to build a team, with the goal of forming a development studio over time. This involves focusing on great gameplay, immersive art, and business/marketing strategy. I plan to implement agile software development techniques to show proof of productivity to investors. This will help us to find funding to support us through our first title, and on to hopefully many more.

I myself am a video game sound designer who has spent time working at Sony Computer Entertainment and a professional recording studio. This will be my second attempt at building a development studio. The last team I worked with had a great creative vision but failed to lack the business mindset necessary to make the career a reality. This has caused me to step out on my own and look towards a brighter future with a new team.

The positions I am looking to fill currently are

Programmer/Game Designer – 2
Level designer – 1
3D modelers – 3
Concept/2D artist – 1
Marketing/Business strategist – 1

If you are interested in joining or just learning more about the vision please get in touch with me at: