Looking to hire an Animator for Galaxy Heist

As the title says I’m looking for any animators out there that could help me out.


  • I have some third person (full body) characters that have custom rigs and custom animations, but only for carrying guns. I would like to give them the ability to walk around without having to hold a gun. The problem last time was the rigging didn’t match the animations properly and someone in the past had to retarget and reimport the rigs to get it working properly.
  • Ideally they would be changed or retargeted so that they could also accept animations from the UE4 marketplace, as there are a lot of basic animations on there that would suit us fine for the moment
  • The ability to make a couple custom animations on top of getting ue4 marketplace animations to work may also be necessary (at least 2 in the very near future)

PROJECT: The game is Galaxy Heist and can be thought of as a 3D version of FTL. You jump to areas in space with your ship, encountering new problems, stations to explore, and people to meet along the way. Seeing how far you can get before it all falls apart and something ends up killing you and your friends.

**PAYMENT:**Job is paid. Would prefer to agree on a flat rate once you check out our setup and get an understanding of what needs to be done(and know that you can do it).

If you’re interested please email me at


I’m still looking to hire an animator if there is anybody out there :slight_smile: