Looking to have someone type up some code for a database connection using VaRest

So I was on here the other day and noticed theres a tutorial on how to setup a login system using php - mysql and VaRest. It works great and I was able to customize the database to my liking, however, I am too unfamiliar with php and networking to code my own personal scripts and was hoping to have someone do it for me. We can talk payment via PM.

What I’m looking to do:

Have PHP connect to Web Server (currently using phpmyadmin with WAMP - Obviously not my final setup) then have UE4 communicate with php web server via php scripts to acquire requested information (Character Info, Account Info, etc.) Also discuss more on this via PM.

I am working on this project alone at the moment and really cant afford 20 dollars an hour or 300 dollars for this job. If you still want to help for free or for cheaper then please feel free to teach me what you know. I love to learn. I do NOT expect anything for free so please keep charities to minimal. :slight_smile: thanks.