looking to form a new studio

hello all

My name is Terron, i am a game designer, writer, and level designer (mostly for 2d side scrollers). i have about 3 years of experience in game development working in unreal engine and unity and am also familiar with magicavoxel. Went to school for business management as well. i have a few projects over the years that have been designed and also have art and music but never really materialized beyond that. i am looking for a partner or partners to make a game company with that are dedicated, able to work in a team, able to meet deadlines, and available to spend a moderate amount of time on our projects. at the beginning this would be an unpaid position then moving on to rev share as we gained a profit. i am looking for anyone of any skill level in concept 3d and 2d art, programming, marketing, writing, or community manager. if interested, just comment below or send me an email at thank you