Looking to form a little developement team

Name’s Ryan, 31 years old.
I’m an artist (music) learning the "C"s langages.

I would like to exchange freely my ideas with 1 or 2 persons via discord and listen to theirs in return.

The goal would be to sympathize and see for future prototype (mostly RPG/ARPG/Tactical). Organize ourselves irl/video gaming/work wise and to know each others.

Hasty to make a game? Well I wouldn’t say a no for that, but prove yourself. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaing me.


I forgot to say I’m into horror/thriller games (no gore necessary).

And I forgot to show you my work: :arrow_forward:︎ Matière Et Esprit | Phonomantra (

Aloha! My first post here, I am total n00b at UE4, I literally just started using it around 72 hours ago. I have a strong background in programming (full stack developer most of my life), and music production - which is what led me here, as I started making my own videos (ZGE, Premier and After Effects), which led to me wanting to render some cool stuff in UE4.

However, this foray reawakened a beast in me. I was making knockoff JRPG and other games using tools back 20 years ago (RM2K, primarily)! I’m only a few years older than you, but we have very similar tastes and ideas, from what I read.

I’m ALWAYS interested to lend an ear, an eye, or provide some consultation. As I said, I’m not the best at UE4 yet, but I’m going to get there. It just takes time. I’ve launched websites online that scaled 100k+ users and have had moderate success in a lot of different ventures. I learned to read and do math playing Final Fantasy on NES back in the early 1990s, so this is really just my life coming full circle - finding people, projects and ideas is how I plan to plant my feet on the ground in this industry.

Some other fun stuff I bring to the table: I have my own web servers, lots of domains, can issue my own SSL Certs and obviously can produce music like a ■■■■ including complex sound design and even full recording capabilities for characters and MORE.

Reach out whenever, - if you’re reading this like “Man, this guy sounds like my type of people, but I’m not OP”, don’t be shy!

Hi! I’ve been tinkering with ue4 since 2016 from time to time. I have a background as a software engineer, but only recently decided to adjust career and pursue gamedev seriously.

It still looks like a long way to a decent gameplay programmer job so I’m seeking for some meaningful stuff to work on while learning. Also I’m able to do amateur level 3d art/modeling, not so much for texturing & anim part though :slight_smile:

Interests seem to overlap, but it’s hard to say definitely. I won’t list titles and genres I like, cause it would be a really long list - but I’m mostly into story-driven experiences and stuff with unique mechanics. Anyway, if this is relevant contact me via

Hi all,

Been dabbling in UE4/UE5 for a while now.

Blueprint designing/environmental are my key areas. can do basic modeling and sculpting in blender/maya.

I have been working on a horror style game as a hobby project for a little while now and want to do RPG/ARPG related projects in the future.

I’m keen to learn more and working on group projects is great experience, would be cool if we could collab if interested, you can reach me at if any here or general is interested in doing some learning/projects together!

Thank you the three of you for your interest. :slight_smile:
I’ve sent you my discord in PM to make it simplier, and then will create a dedicated discord server.

See you soon! :slight_smile:

(Edit): And sorry for the late reply, wasn’t on the forum past weeks