Looking To Find A Lead 3D Artist To Partner With

I am working on putting together a team for a long term project. I am an experienced dev getting into game development. I am hoping to find someone who wants to help create a project where they will have a ton of artistic input. I am working on all the design logic already to make a fun tower defense game(I don’t want to give to much away), it has a lot of elements from some of the most popular games already existing in that genre. It’s a game I plan on releasing to steam once it is complete and I have ideas for other spin offs if it’s successful.

Ideally I need someone good with concept art, 3D modelling, texturing and rigging.

Please PM/Skype me if you are interested!

If anyone else has interest i’d love to work out some deal with you just message me your current skill set and ill see what we can do!


Weekend bump…

Figured I would add some info about the art style I’m hoping to achiev. I’m looking for hand painted models with a Dota like appearance set in a fantasy medieval time period. Most of the towers plan to be magic based, lots of cool particle effects needed as well.

I have teamed up with one artist to help make models, I still am looking for anyone interested in concept art/ particle effects/ or just a programmer.