Looking to develop VR walkthroughs.


I’m in need of a freelance Unreal programmer who is capable of creating a structure to enable myself to create various environments to be viewed by VR.

My background is in CGI so I will create the environments, typically interiors, housing developments, etc. I however lack the programming side. I would need a basic template with various functions creating.

The main VR device would be the Google Daydream, so experience with this would be a huge advantage / necessity.

Message me with contact details / Skype and I can discuss further.
This is a paid gig, and will require prices prior to any work.


Hi Dean,

As you’re a first time poster, you can’t yet send / receive private messages (we’ve had problems with private message spammers that have meant we had to implement this policy), and you haven’t left any other contact details. I do a lot of work in VR and am currently available for contracts - you can reach me at lparkes[AT]deskdragons[DOT]com.

Hello Dean,

I am interested in this task, I have good experience with Arch Viz, and also have worked on Virtual Walkthroughs, interactive as well.

It will be great if you can share me type of environments that you have already created.

Let me know your preferable mode of communication, so we can have a quick discussion.


@ambershee I have sent you an email.
@gamestech I have sent you a PM.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there Dean,

I am a freelancer with 2 yrs experience with UE4. You can check out my website for more details on my experience and contact information, just click the image in my signature.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@ambershee is going to be handling the work, many thanks to those who got in touch!