Looking to convert ALSv4 to TPS/FPS

Looking for a developer who can lay out the basic foundation of a TPS/FPS shooter in the ALSv4 project. (UE4.26+)

I am looking to hire primarily through Fiverr, as I have hundreds of dollars in credits on their site.

I have the ALSv4 project, already set up for replication. I have the montage of the character equipping/putting away the rifle from their back (replicated).
-Looking to add pistol, special weapons, and hand IK.
-Need weapons to fire. (actual bullets, not line trace)
-Need damage and HUD.
-Need crosshair.
-Need reload animation, including interrupted reloading (finish reloading where you left off).
-Need weapon recoil, and falloff.
-Need gun to actually aim at target.
-ADS with scopes in both TPS mode and FPS mode.

In the game, the character has 4 modes: ATK, DEF, SUP, and TEC (switch between them using 1-4 on keyboard or D-pad on controller)
I have set up the input and enum for these to switch, as well as the anim state for TEC,
but i need the anim states for ATK, DEF, and SUP to be set up depending on character customization.
These modes use magic and abilities, ATK abilities are offensive (Throwing fireball), DEF are defensive (magic shield), and SUP are supportive (healing/buffs).
All 4 modes (ATK, DEF, SUP, TEC) have a primary and secondary slot (just like a primary and secondary weapon) that the player can switch between.

-Need a base ability with an animation slots that can be bound, this way I can create child blueprints with different animations. This parent ability should have a base animation for when the character is walking around, an aiming animation, and a “firing” animation.
-Need ability slots in the character blueprint that are exposed for easy customization in editor. ( 2 ability slots each for ATK, DEF, and SUP, with 2 exposed weapon slots for TEC.)

all animations replicated

Animations, meshes, and textures will be provided.

the part I’m having trouble with is the complex nature of the ALSv4 animation system, so somebody experienced with this is preferred.