Looking to connect with Unreal Engine beginners in Nigeria

Hey everyone i want to network with developers and beginners in Nigeria, or anywhere else though, but i need people in my locality.

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Greetings @atumtheunreal !

Welcome back!

I know of two Nigerian studios that have posted work here on the forums. If you haven’t contacted them yet, please consider sending a message to the following: Cleec and KOMOTION. Good luck! :smiley:

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Hey there, I am from Nigeria too, I just start learning unreal recently and i am really excited about it, it is really great.
I feel lucky to discover unreal, now my long time dream of game development is about to become real with unreal engine.
Big Thanks to Epic Games

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Thank you, ill do that right away.

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Hi !Hows it going for you ?

I don’t think we have linguistic or geographical barriers today
creates a Nigerian community of artists make a website with $ 15 pre-made template make work groups and meeting in the various region
since today everyone has a 10 ton heavy butt instead of moving you can start whit video conferencing grups

^ This part. LOL! :joy:

Thank you for submitting some ideas!

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yes, but the conference had to be well structured that each expresses its concept on the established theme liberamette free spice general report to topik then everyone has their say for a few minutes democracy is the engine of creation exchange of ideas for a common purpose maybe in politics it doesn’t work but for projects a practical use it is great

try to move a VIP’s butt the weight is equal to a star in the sky that’s why they call them stars sun is 1,989 × 10^30 kg I not how many is is but is alot