Looking to Commission 3D model of Race Team Trailer (no uv/texturing required)

I would like to commision the creation of a 3D model. The project topic would be a typical Race Team transport trailer similar to what you see in the pit area of a NASCAR or NHRA Drag race pit area. The truck would be modeled with the intent to be 3D printed.

The major elements of the model would need to be individual components. For example, the sides of the trailer, front, top, bottom, and rear could all be a single part. The frame/chassis would be another. The leaf springs and axels would be separate as well. The interior of the model will be empty but depending on cost I would like to work on a few simple variations/configurations.

Attached are a few example images. The Top and Sides of the trailer are flat. There is no need for a ton of detail. Depending on cost I would consider possible adding various rivet details and the impression of doors and storage lockers but initially, we’ll eliminate those from the estimate.

The tires and wheels do not need to be modeled. They will be sourced elsewhere. I will consider modeling a single tire and wheel as separate objects if the cost is reasonable.

Please contact me via PM and we can negotiate a fair price.