Looking to Collaborate with Team


I am experienced in many aspects of game design. I am looking to collaborate with teams or individuals for paid or unpaid work.

Here is a gallery of my work on vimeo:


Hi JayWebb,

Awesome Gallery (+1 Vote). Did you develop the Extinction AI with Blueprints, C++, both? You have knowledge of working inside UnrealEd (+1 Vote). Please consider a collaboration with Team HEADLESS. We’re a internationally distributed team of highly motivated individuals.

We develop for the future leveraging:

  • Multiplayer Collaboration.
  • Modular Design.
  • In-game Editing/Assembly.
  • Procedural/Semi-proc Content Generation.
  • Marketplace Assets (substantial investment).

We’re actively developing our story and design for our Apocalyptic Sci-Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG which is work-in-progress, opened to your Survival Sci-Fi game ideas. We’re prototyping many new and interesting game mechanisms. The game will feature various forms of in-game Procedural Generation and Player Assembly featuring the Collage Construction Methodology. I specialize in UE4 Blueprints. I too started with UDK.

We’re in need of multi-talented individuals like you with knowledge of AI, Level Design and World Building. We actively seek out Go-Getters, with the skills to work inside UnrealEngine. The question you have to ask yourself is, do you want to join a Team hellbent on building kickass games and shipping them? If the answer is YES, then lets talk when convenient here or on Private Message | Discord.

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Hi TechLord

All my programming is done with blueprints and the AI with behavior trees in Unreal. I can hand code with various programming languages, but my preferred method is using blueprints.

I will look for your group on Discord to find out more about your team.

You’re welcome in my signature.

Hey! I have an interesting project you may be interested in. Nothing huge needs to be done but I could use some help on specific things. My email is