Looking to buy a new laptop, help deciding between 970m and 980m

I am looking to buy a new laptop, mainly for unreal 4 development while commuting on a train each day.

I am currently tossing up between two almost identical unity except for the GPU, one has a 970m and the other has a 980m.
Ideally I want to save some money if the 970m if it is going to be fine for unreal development, but don’t want to regret not getting the 980m at a later date.

If you have any experience in unreal development on these cards can you please let me know how it went and what one you would suggest.

The two laptops are a Metabox (Clevo) P650RE or a P650RG.

Thanks for your time.

I’ve got an MSI laptop of similiar spec with a gtx 970m in it, runs ue4 smoothly. Plays GTA5 at 60fps, in fact it plays pretty much anything at a smooth 60fps I’ve thrown at it apart from Arma 3 (stupid engine, stupid broken game). Don’t expect to run everything on ultra settings though obviously :slight_smile:

Just a word of warning, don’t get one with a 4k screen, save yourself a few hundred dollars.

Most importantly it plays Rogue Squadron 2 on the Dolphin emulator at 1920x1200 resolution at 60fps.

@savagebeasty Wow, what a flagship. When you run that mobile, how long can you work with one akkupack?

sorry bud I’m not totally sure what you mean there? Do you mean the battery life? If so in all honestly I’ve never tried running it without it being plugged in but it reckons you’d get about a measly 3 hours if you had it in high performance mode running some high end game before all the power saving stuff kicks in. Not great on that front but I suppose most laptops don’t last long if you’re running intensive games just off the battery. It does have some built in software to get a bit more life out of it but I’ve never really tested it so hard to say :slight_smile:

My only problem with the one I’ve got is that it’s got a 4k screen but for some stupid reason it’s locked at 48fps so its very rare I use the laptop screen, I just plug it into a monitor or hdtv. Its a great bit of kit, kind of like a very expensive console, just pick it up and take it round a friends house, every emulator imaginable running on it.

I basically spent £1500 so I could have a mobile version of Rogue Squadron 2 co-op :wink:

Yes. Three hours is not bad for me.
Much money to carry around visible, when used in public places.

I’ve got a Asus ROG with a 970m…

Runs UE great - plays games great.

Battery life really really sucks… seems like less than an hour or two if you are using graphics heavily.

DK2 works - but is much slower than desktop GTX980. (Makes me dizzy, but I seem sensitive to rift framerates ).
If you are planning to do VR, I would recommend getting a full blown gtx 980 laptop - these are now out.

MSI GT80 (18,4″, SLI) what a devil beast in a box… not bad!

SLI is useless for UE4 so you would be wasting money.

Jepp, i knew that, just sayin’, it’s OP in my eyes from a laptop. : )))

Thankfully I don’t get out much :wink:

Thanks guys, especially savagebeasty.

Looks like I can safely save some money and get the 970m.

Short: 970m is good enough

A bit more detailed:
The 970m got pretty much the same performance like a good desktop-GPU 3-4 years ago and should be good enough for high details at current games. The 980m got about the same speed (or a bit better) then the current GTX 960 (non mobile version) and is good enough for very high details at most games but still a bit to weak for solid VR (that would require a desktop version of the gtx 970, gtx 980, or amd 290 or fury). You could even “use” UE4 with something that got the speed of a 950m GPU but you would be motivated to optimize your game and implement some graphic detail sliders way sooner then others (which is probably no bad thing) ;).