Looking To Build A Unreal Engine Dev Team

Hey Everyone! So Im Looking To Build A Dev Team With About 15 people! If You Have Experience in unreal programming Then join us! If You Make Concept Art Then Join us! All The Avalible Positions Are Below.
I Bet Your Woundering:So What Do You Do?!,Well Im The Game Designer And Story Writer! I Will Be Making The Story People Etc etc

Unreal Engine Programmers:5 Positions Avalible.
Concept Artist And 2d Artist: 4 Positions Avalible.
Animator: 2 Positions Avalible.
Composer:1 Position Avalible
3d Modeler:2 Positions Avalible.
Lead Programmer:1 Position Avalible (Heres What He Does: - Core gameplay prototyping and development - Leading other members of the programming team - Provide time estimates - Design, implement, and maintain systems and tools - Write clear, maintainable, and highly functional code
Sound Engineer:1 Position Avalible/

All for free??? So you just want people to make what you tell them to make??? All for free??

Blueprint or c++?

no they will get a revenue share

Good luck :slight_smile:

So what did you do so far?
Why would i spend a minute from my time on you? Give insights because it is just not too informative and sounds amateour. (Everybody have many ideas and still they don’t bother to ask around here for random people to help without providing anything.)

  • What is the project?
  • What stage are you at? If you don’t even have at least a prototype i would not bother looking for artists just yet
  • And again, why you even need so many people, how you plan to manage all of these people without experience…?