Looking to build a team.

Hello Unreal Engine forums,

I just watched a video that told me if I don’t put myself out there, I’ll never do what I want to do. So here goes!

My name is . I’m four months away from graduating Full Sail University with a BS in Music Production. I’m currently in a game music class, which includes sound design. I also have been playing around with Unreal Engine and Unity for about two years now, and have lots of experience with developing Minecraft plugins. My fiancé is also going to Full Sail University for a BA in Creative Writing, which includes writing for games, and will graduate at the same time as me.

Basically what I’m getting at, is we want to make a game. It doesn’t matter what kind, shape, size, or color it is. We want to come up with something simple of course, and just roll with it. It could be a bestselling mobile game, a mediocre FPS, or even just a portfolio piece. (If it does sell, royalties will be paid!)

I’m mainly looking for people who are fun to work with. Any experience level will do at this point. This is an open invitation. There are no expectations. My email will be given upon request. All ideas are welcome, and there are no stupid questions.

Let me know if you want to collaborate!


I would look into some of the other newbie friendly projects that people have started, rather than trying to start a new one of your own, since you don’t have a game idea yet.

Hello Shea…my name is Ed, I’m a writer at heart but ive recently decided to delve into game development. I have no prior experience, but I’m learning as quick as I can lol pm me if interested

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a few ideas, some are totally out of reach, others are doable, but none are worth posting about. I’ll be looking at newbie projects as well.

Thanks Ed, I’ll PM you my email. Send me some stuff!

Shea, you might attract significantly more interest if you were to post some of you work. Full Sail University means close to nothing to me and probably to many others. In any university setting you’ll have peers that are exceptionally good and people that barely manage to finish.

I’m in the same boat as Looking to get into building anything that I can with UE4/Maya. I’m a quick learner and I’ve been messing around with UE4 for a few weeks now. I’ll help any way I can!