Looking to build a team for a Adult UE4 game!

Wiggly VR

I currently am looking to put together a team to start a Adult Game Series. I have all the assets and character models and clothing for the first game. I am currently working in UE4.27. The idea is to post a very basic teaser to generate Patreon support, once established I want to produce a AA quality adult game that has substance, plot and drama not just LEWD material. Moneys generated with be 100 split evenly to the team minus assets and general upkeep. I would be willing to invest in user license for programs like maya, marvelous and others.

Seats Needed:

Cinematic Director


Marvelous Clothing Designer

Lighting/Environment Expert

Creative Writer

UE4 Blueprint and C++ Expert

The game will be realistic VR and in first person. I have basic scripts and scenario’s already set in place and I have realized it is too much to take on myself. The time frame for the game is based in the 50’s.

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