Looking to assemble a team for a game project...

Hello, my name is Andrew. I am in the process of developing a team to help create a unique 3rd person shooter game. I will not go into alot of detail on the idea/concept as I dont want the idea to be taken. Basically I need someone knowledgeable about coding to help me bring this idea to life. I also need a 3D modeler and/or animator. Although this is unpaid work I do plan on, and hopefully will be able to, to pay the people who work for me. I hate having to resource to free labor but unfortunately that is the route that needs to be taken at this time. I am not asking for someone to build me an entire game at this point. I merely want someone to help create more like a 3 mission demo. This demo will then be marketed and advertised and if well received; then we will start making paid missions. After these paid missions are released to the hopefully some what established community - you will be able to be paid with the funds made. This is an investment on both sides.

You can contact me on skype directly: Andrew Karvelis
Or reply to this fourm with your skype/contact info.

Thank your for the consideration!