Looking to add tons of new friends!

with the new awesome friend system i’m hoping i can meet even more people!

if you want someone to hang with hit me up!

add: CNKIT

Ok, added -> but currently the friend system is a little laggy :slight_smile:

Hey, feel free to add me. I can’t guarantee I can always talk, but I will try to say hello and chat a bit at least :slight_smile:

You are free to add me as well, though I’m not the most talkative I’ll do my best to respond!

the list grows :D, even met an awesome programmer from australia who i will likely drive with questions eventually @_@

I also want to new freind. Add me too!

Feel free to add :slight_smile:

You like anime/manga / eroge or Japanese things in general ?

You love RTS/TBS/ JRPG/ RPG/ Action games ?

You are also a image board lurker ?

You like to talk about vehicles and technology in general ? Could be land vehicles / aircraft/ watercraft. Could be high-tech, cutting edge / low-tech, cheaper than dirt. Could be military/ civilian.

Well my friend look no further. You found your man. just add me !

Be my friend or Saber will cry…


Feel free to add me, I’m always happy talking to new people.

I don’t have friends. So please add me too!

What is this friend thing you speak of? :confused:

Open Epic Launcher and click on heads, near gear (;.

Open Epic Launcher and click on heads, near gear (;.

Ah I see. Add me too!

so many people have been added @_@

gonna take a min to say hello to xD