Looking to add to our team

Tempest Productions LLC is looking to add to its team. We have created a large futuristic open-world environment based on an outline for a sci-fi novel I’m writing and could use some good-natured, dedicated people to join us in filling-in the world and assist with shaping the game playing experience. Currently we have three artists, one coder, one character modeler and one producer (floater).

Tempest is interested in individuals with one of these skills or any combination of these skills:

2D/3D Artists - Creating content to help fill a large futuristic open-world apocalyptic environment: buildings (futuristic & Contemporary), prop items, vehicles, machines, crafting items, inventory items, etc.
(FILLED) (but a 2nd will be considered)Character Animator - Creating models including character textures, rigs and animations from custom art work already drawn and digitized.
Blueprint/Programmer - Assist in completing/creating needed BP modules.
(FILLED) Audio Artist - skilled at providing/creating a variety of game related sounds and music.

Welcome candidates will be creative, open to ideas, flexible, able to communicate regularly, and must thoroughly enjoy what they do with a passion. This process, while tedious and sometimes frustrating, is supposed to be something we enjoy and not something to stress over.

If you meet the above criteria and are willing to join us on a royalty basis (we all are royalty basis) we’d be interested hearing from you. Please send me a message with a link to your portfolio and an e-mail or IM address and I will reply with more specific information about this project, where we are at in its development cycle and what we need with more specificity.

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Hi Wranglerltg,
I just want to let you know that your inbox is full! :wink:

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Productive response to this post. We still need 3D/2D artists…Bump.

A few empty slots to fill…bump

While your service is of need to the project I’d prefer to bring some onto the team simply for trust and financial reasons. I find a vested interest in a venture creates a better bond in long term projects.