Looking Put together a team for Project

My name is Trevor,
And i am looking to put together a team for a project i have come up with. I have a GDD on it, and will describe a little bit what its about below…

So this is a modern or near future FPS multiplayer game similar to call of duty, called money wars
as the name suggests, there is a section called money wars, where players battle for prizes of actual money. There is a tournament system and a bet system very detailed and laid out in the GDD to make it different and unique from other games where you can win prizes.

A brief overview or tournaments and bets-
(However i will not explain everything as i want to keep some of this personal and secret even if you may know where this is going or similar to other games or what not…)

A player can choose to enter a tournament as a squad or alone, if he enters alone or with however many other players he wants to, he will be added to a team which will fill up all the remaining spots. A squad if not full of 6 players will have random players near their level added to their squad for the tournament.

Bets are basically instant payout games between players. Bets will have 1v1 2v2 and max 3v3 battles.
There are multiple ways to enter bets and you can chose if you want to bet a specific player by inviting them to a betting match or even bet a friend.

There is also a practice mode where players can play other players for fun with no prizes or what not on the line, and of course they will be able to rank up and unlock items there as well.
Level System-
Unlocking system-
Friends System-
Squad System-
Customization System (for weapons , etc…)-

I have put this project under royalty for several reasons, reason one being like most of us i dont have much money… But i a, dedicated and would love to work with anyone who is as much as an enthusiast as i am to get this done. This shouldn’t one of the longest projects, but will definitely require some time… If anyone wants to know how the money would be split it is as such… 80 percent would be split evenly between all those who have contributed to the project and 20 percent would go straight to the studio and company to expand and grow… This can always change after discussion of the new team, however this is the core of what well start with.

I am looking for anyone of any position to join to make this the best possible game-
UI/GUI Artists-
Intermediate/Advanced Programmers-
3D Modelers-
Sound effects-

And if anyone wants to know what i do i am a game designer.

Note- If need be, or if if people want too, whatever the case may be, I am willing to use market place assets, such as Ironbelly weapons and animations as an example.

If anyone is interested please send me an email at

Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from all of you!

I didn’t get if you talk about real money and/or IRL prize… If so, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a huge legal work and I’d add lawyerS in the list of people you need :slight_smile:
And a really good security specialist… If you stock bank account number, you should be sure that your database is well protected…
I really don’t think there’s room for amateurism in such a project.

But maybe are you talking of in game fake money and digital prizes as titles, achievement, skins…

well this is real money yea, and as for the lawyers i have a friend who is a lawyer ready to help so that shouldn’t be a problem. But in game currency is planned as well for other options.

But then again, the core game-play and the actual game that would have to be worked on and done of course, taking a bit of time itself, giving us time.

Good luck with your project !
You should think again and prepare this very carefully before even start to code…

And I would also think of the ethical implication of such an idea…

What kind of community will you build around your game ?
How will you deals with cheaters ?
Account robbery ?
False identity ?
Taxes ?

I think that the easiest way would be using tokens for in game currency. You can always treat them as in game items and enable selling them in Steam Workshop.
But it will be hardly profitable because of steam share…

You can’t use UE4 for gambling applications

Hi OpticalIllusions.

Cash-Driven Tournament Games are of interest to me. In fact, it is the original premise behind before the so called eSports became popular. Per Unreal Engine EULA: *You may not engage in any activity with respect to the Licensed Technology, including as incorporated into a Product, (1) for any gambling-related activities or Products (as defined by law in the jurisdiction of use); *

However,* Skill-based Tournament Gameswith Cash Prizes are legal within 37 of the United States. They’re a no go in: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont. There is also very specific criteria to meet as a Game of Skill. ‘Random’ mechanics will put your product in the Game-of-chance* category.

FPS Tournaments revolving around Cash prizes have been tried and bombed. Check out KWARI. That game bombed due to weird game mechanics designed with real-world greed. However, I can easily visualize the modern FPS game features being successful, if you keep it a simple point-based winner/loser. I’ve had a few Cash-Driven FPS Tournament game concepts myself over the years: Greedy Blastards, Pay Z (Day Z w/ Real-world Cash), and Dragon$ Gold.

Money Wars brings the thought of Stock Market Sim to mind. Perhaps it could be… Played as Asymmetrical FPS, in which the Players battle in a Office building representing their Corporations and they’re actions affect their Corporation’s Stock Value. Allowing Spectators to trade Stock. Anyways…

The selling point should be the game itself and not the cash prizes. So hopefully its not a direct COD clone. By the game being a FPS, you may be scaring off a lots of players that would be attracted to a game with cash prizes, because FPS are considered a high-skill (eye-hand coordination) game. Multiplayer Only is also going to impact player population counts.

Its going to be a tough sell around these parts being just a Game Designer. That simply translates into → The Idea Guy. Game Devs here are typically bartering skills in content creation for Scripting, 2D, 3D, Audio and the competition is stiff. Just look around you’ll see hundreds of recruitment posts. I would recommend joining a Team developing a similar FPS like PHASE.

What do you think about gambling applications like MrBets ? Is this possible to build something like this with UE4?