Looking level designer for TopDown ARPG (freelance)

Hi to all.
Looking level designer for prototype TopDown ARPG.

We have some nature assets and level plan. With our assets, in TopDown Template you will make 1-2 nature maps.

At this moment, we need only nature locations (forest, desert, maybe caves).

Have additional skills like a scripting or 3D modelling? Great! We can use your skills in future tasks.

If you interested, please, contact me via PM. In PM specify your requirements, prices, terms… etc


You may want to give a few extra details; for example would the level designer be required to also provide environment art, and would they be required to do things like mission scripting?

Hello!Ccan you find some work for the young specialist?
my skills are art,modelling,rigging,texturing,animation.
work in mary,3ds max,maya,blender,zbrush,photoshop,
topogun and other.

i will consider any offers
Thank you for your attention and a good day to you!

Hi. Thank you for your comment. Some info added.

take not a lot.
contact only by e-mail

have viper/whatsapp/skype .
skype is -

I’m unexpirienced but can work for very cheap. PM if you need me.