Looking into RC

Hello all,

I have been looking into RC for a work project, reading posts, tutorials, etc. and I believe I have an approximate idea of the system and process, however when it comes to the technical side of things I have a few questions left open.

I have been reading a number of posts about reducing file size, which I understand is quite variable with export file type, triangle count, etc being major factors. That said, I am hoping for even a rough estimation of what a file of 1-2m triangles in .obj or .fxb might come out to, of an area perhaps 300mx300m.

Our work is for importing landscape into Lumion, and I want to be certain we will be able to work with the files before we send someone to take a few hundred photos. 

My second question is about the 300x300 area mentioned above. This limitation comes from a RC-Lumion tutorial the Lumion company put out, but I am getting the sense this is not a limitation in RC. Assuming that is the case, I am hoping to learn why they would mention that as a limitation, as I do not know lumion itself to have such a limited area. Would this be a file size concern, or something else? Would it be feasible to produce multiple models of adjacent areas and combine them without issues?

Thanks all, I know these questions are particularly vague and there will not be clear answers, I am just hoping to gleam some insight from people with more RC experience.