Looking for work to do! Level Design & 3D Modeling

Hello, my name is Max and ive been using unreal engine for quite some time now. What ive been doing is level design and 3D Modeling!
If you would like to check out my portfolio this is the link: ArtStation - Max Saleh
I have a experience with Maya and Blueprints, but i’m still working hard to have a good solid experience with them.

If you would like to contact me:

Discord: MaxY#6441

Thank you so much and have a nice day. ~MaxY

Hi MaxSaleh,

Very Nice Portfolio. The Minecraftian Level in UnrealEditor is impressive. Is it procedurally generated? Did you develop your own Voxel Generator in Unrealengine? I would like to know more as I’m developing creatures like this. I also know a Game Project (non-voxel) that you can apply your Level Design talents too. Lets chat at your leisure.

Theres a program called MagicaVoxel were i made all the models and imported them to ue4

Understood. Thank you for sharing. How would you feel about working with collaborative in-game Level building tools developed with UnrealEngine?

hmm that would seem neat if you don’t mind telling me more information on my discord. That will be greatly appreciated!

Your discord channel is not working. Please post an invite link or we can chat on mine.

A Youtube is worth a 1000000 words…

Bonus Video (P R O T O S (What, Why, How?)

Looking for some creature modelling, if you are free max please let us know.

Im sorry i dont model characters i mostly do level designing

How about chatting on… normal websites? Like vk? (or your soulless facebook?0

Hi Max Saleh, I sent you a message on Artstation. Cheers! :wink: