Looking for Weapon Artist

Hi Polycount!

I’m part of a 2 man team building a WW2 game in unreal engine 4. We are looking to bring some people aboard soon to create some weapons for us. Here are several examples of the quality & style we are shooting for:


Please note: We dont aim to start this for about 2 weeks (as we are still waiting for some underlying tech to come in). However we are looking to get some contacts and get estimates for right now. Please let us know what the estimated cost for this would be (and if possible provide a cost for texturing individually)

Please reach out to me at: contact@pacificfront.net

Just Sent you an email.

Hey guys, I like the mystery behind your website… We are actually thinking about doing a line of WW2 guns, and have an MP40 ready for the marketplace here soon (Ironbelly MP 40 - 3D model by Ironbelly Studios (@ironbelly) [c402067] - Sketchfab) . We were thinking about waiting for a few months to see how well it sells before making any other ones but if the need was there now we would certainly be open to partnering with you guys at a huge discount on an agreement that we could take the weapons to the marketplace in 6-12 months. I’ll send you a pm now and we can chat about the details