Looking for VR developer programmer/artist (UNPAID) (ROYALTY)

I go under Fansi and I am looking for someone to collaborate on creating and polishing games for Oculus store/App lab and steam VR.

I have already made quite a few non-commercial VR games that could be made commercial. Here is my portfolio:

I can do both coding and art, but I can’t focus on everything, so I am looking for someone to partner with for the long term. I would prefer to work with an artist because I currently enjoy coding and designing gameplay much more, but I am open to anyone who wants to collaborate and take it seriously. It would be also good if you had a VR headset for testing.

My idea is to create few simple arcade games and publish them in as short a time as we can to see if we can work together without killing each other. I am open to collaboration with more people so if you have ideas feel free to share them. :slight_smile:
I am based in EU GMT+2, so it would be cool if we had a similar timezone, but it doesn’t matter that much.
I am very rational and usually think that I am right, so you need to be someone who is capable of arguing against me and show that you know what you are talking about.

I would also like to see a portfolio that shows you have some actual skillz. xD You don’t have to be a AAA professional but at least someone who already made something. (mini-games, prototypes, 3d models, etc…)

Thank you for reading my love letter and see ya around.
Feel free to comment here or email me: