Looking for Voxel world programmer

Project Title: Eion

An open world sandbox survival game with a simple crafting system and in which the player can explore/mine/build and fight mutant and cyborg monsters.

The theme of the game is a sci-fi post-apocalyptic semi-realistic style.


  • a multiplayer system
  • interesting monsters and combat system
  • an open world voxel map that you can build/mine in

completed items:

  1. chicken
  2. spincer(zoom in a bit)
  3. mutant wolf
  4. first person model and animations
  5. UI complete (not shown for copyright reasons)

p.s. nothing is implimented due to the fact i have no experience in programming, though i do have a source code set up with completed assets uploaded

**Talent Required: **Looking for a programmer that can create a world that you can mine and build in (doesn’t need to be fancy just yet, a program that can make worlds imported from world machine or hand painted would be more than enough) something similar tothis is perfect (though for the time being, no need for vegetation)

contact: discord (scorpiologist#6070)

thanks for your time