Looking for voice over Talent with English Accent for Demo level.

You, the Voice over talent, will voice Alice, Protagonist in our Indie game “Alice Brighton and the Cottage in the Fairytales Woods” planned for release in late 2019 to early 2020.

But first we need a demo & hence looking for a voice over talent for Alice. Naturally, if we are satisfied with the voice over from you in the demo, we would like to engage you for the full game.

More about Alice:

Alessandra (better known as Alice) Brighton, is a young English girl born in the midlands.
She is a intelligent & cheeky, happy go lucky girl.
Think of her abit like Poppy from the movie “Happy go lucky” & your voice over should reflect that.
See youtube link below for a Trailer of “Happ Go Lucky”.https://youtube.com/watch?v=cMwD7Zy6Vno
However, you will need also to be able to have a wider range of vocal abilities to project a range of emotion, include but not retricted to; fear, determination, worries, etc, that will be reflec tive of her emotional in different stages of the game.

At such, 3 test audition dialogs reflecting different mood/mentally will be given, to be send over to
Lindenergames@outlook.com if you are interested.
A single audio file will do.

1st dialog)

Here Alice is trying to be cheeky/jokingly

"What’re on the checklist still . . . hmmm . . . find cure for cancer, solve world hunger . . . "

"…"just means short pause when in thought

2nd dialog)

Here, Alice is being focus, determine not to give up.

“I didn’t come a thousand miles just to turn back in the last ten feet.”

3rd dialog)

Here, Alice is reassured herself she has nothing to fear (she should project fear in her tone)

“Everything will be fine, Alice, just focus!”

Please also stated your offer price & preferred method of payment. We are expecting $5 for 100 words, but if you can lower your rates for a better chance, or you can convince us you are worth more, do so. We are flexible as long the rates are within our means.

For the actual Dialog for voice over, there should be a pause of 2-3 sec between lines, & while we are not particular about the sequence, if you have a sequence that is different from the one in the table, please write the sequence down. In the excel file, there is a column *Dialog #". You can write the sequence of your lines down. Otherwise, we advice just have the sequence in the order of the table.

All relevance information to do the Voice over can be found in the google drive link.

In case you missed my contact email, It is Lindenergames@outlook.com

The deadline is close. Thanks for everyone interest & anyone that have send their audition.