Looking for Voice Actors for Horror Game

My name is John and I am part of the indie game studio Titanic Games. We are currently developing a horror game in need of 2-3 voice actors, 1 female and 1-2 male.
We are hoping that you would be willing to do this for experience and credits, as this is our first game and we do not have a budget for this kind of thing.
It is not a lot of dialogue, just about half a page for each character. For the female voice we’re hoping for something deep along the lines of Nurse Ratched
from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest. An example can be found here:Nurse Ratched - YouTube
For the male voices we’re also hoping for a deep male sounding voice like Don Draper from Mad Men, but both characters should sound different as according to their personalities,
so we will probably need two separate male voice actors. The personalities of each character are as follows:

Female 1: Wicked, but classy. She will follow her plans through until the end no matter how evil because she is powerful and is willing to prove that.

Male 1: Working with Female 1, he is twisted beyond all belief. Has no remorse for the things he does to achieve what he wants.

Male 2: Intelligent and knowledgeable but feels powerless knowing he’s outranked and outnumbered by people doing evil things everyday.

If you are interested in one of these roles, please contact us at for more information. Thank You very much!