Looking for Unreal Internship as a Developer.

Hello world! My name is Juan and I am from Madrid, Spain. My journey with Unreal Engine began 1 year ago when I started a 1 year Unreal Engine Course at a Games Academy here in Spain. The game was Spanish based. I have been a gamer since I was born and I love coding and scripting. I am just looking for Internship to improve as a developer and to add value to the people I will work with and to the projects of course. I dont care too much about the money I get paid, is just that I want to get better and help everything to get better and I would like to take the first step into this incredible programming world!! I am good at c++ and blueprints and I know a little about animation and AI.

Let me know if you have an opportunity for me! Thanks

Heey if you are still locking for something just Contact us via the Link.