Looking for Unreal Engine Plugin/Developer Expert (Paid/hourly)

Hello, My name is Jack. I represent a somewhat new studio, planning to use Unreal Engine for our new game idea. The problem that we currently cannot seem to fix is collaboration. Many people have told us to use version control, and we have of course tested that option, however, it still seems to not fit our needs. The games idea is very complex, and requires a ton of effort from artists like me, but also developers. We are looking for Unreal Engine developers simply for the game its self, however at the moment, we want to develop a plugin. The plugin will be aimed at achieving real time collaboration, where multiple users can connect to one Unreal project, and design the game in real time. This means if one person moved a cube to the left, it would immidiatly update on the other users screens. (assuming they were looking at it.) As far as files go, (i.e. materials, blueprints etc.) Only one person would be able to edit those at a time. Once they saved it and closed the window, other users could access it though. We will be starting a Kickstarter to fund this plugin.

If this interests you, please apply at:
We are currently accepting offers of $25 an hour or less.
Please provide a portfolio or resume along with your email.
If you cannot supply these, you will be required to either record a short 10-15 minute video demonstrating your proficiency, or share your screen on skype and demonstrate that way.

Thank you for your time, - Jack (Lead 3D artist/executive)

Not applying, but perhaps you can consider selling the plugin if it is developed? I know that’s a pretty popular idea that has seen some development but I’m not aware of any released solutions.

Sure I will take that into account. We plan to start a Kickstarter for the plugins development as it it is a pretty hefty plugin. People who donate 10 dollars or more will receive the full plugin, as well (not 100% sure yet) a small server setup for the plugin to host like 1-3 people or something. Thank you for your interest, if you happen to know anyone else to may be interested in this plugin, it would be great if you showed them this: <that is our “teaser” to get people interested in the plugin. Thanks again, - Jack (lead 3D artist/executive)

You may want to take a look at this:

Thank you for your reply! This is sort of what we are trying to achieve, however, we are looking for a bit more. There are certain features that we need. Thanks,

Okay, well thank you for your reply. We are currently planning out multiple setup prerequisites before initial development. We will get back to you with later information soon. Thanks,

this sounds like a great Idea. can I get a link to the kickstarter?

At the moment, the Kickstarter video is still in production. We will be releasing the Kickstarter, hopefully in the next week or two. We will be posting updates up until the release of the Kickstarter here:
As soon as we release the Kickstarter, we will upload a video along with a thread here on the Unreal forum. Thank you for your interest, - Jack

Attention, we have changed usage from Kickstarter to IndieGoGo for some specific reasons that only apply to this project. We will be releasing more information soon.