Looking for Unreal art optimisation (esp Shaders) expert for PC->iOS/Mac

We are about to kick off porting a PC based game to Mac/iPhone/iPad/TV and to that end we are looking for an expert in optimisations in the Unreal engine especially shaders.
We need to get the game to fit and run quickly.

Team Name
Currently confidential - available to suitable applicants

Team Structure
Currently confidential - available to suitable applicants
There is a full professional development team in place including Production staff, discipline leads and frontline soldiers.

Previous Work
We have a long track record across all platforms.

Talent Required
Artist with good experience of optimisation especially from PC to Mac/Mobile is a requirement and shader programming…reporting to the Art lead.

Currently confidential - available to suitable applicants

Initially by direct message
Full email and contact details will be revealed to suitable candidates.

England, UK

Hey Dave, since you are based in the UK does that mean you’re looking for someone onsite? Or are you open to working with a remote team? Cheers!

Yes just onsite for a couple of months…however that said we now have a number of interested applicants so I will probably close this thread now.