Looking for UE4/UE5 Developers to join at 20+ team building a blockchain metaverse

I am looking for UE4-26 Developers to join at 20+ team building a blockchain metaverse. We are moving to UE5 very soon. Interested in people with 2+ years experience in multi player or single player MMO games. Share your portfolio. Remote work from home. Team is currently 22 with a small number of those being devs - the rest are artists, graphics, animators, admin etc …

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Can you explain me what metaverse is. :smiley:

Also what are “single player MMO games” :smiley:

Oh and is this paid or unpaid gig?

Hi, As a senior UE developer, I’d like to join your team.
Here is my resume.

Hi, do you currently work for a company or are you self employed?
If you do have a job what notice period do you have to give?
What is the size of the team you are currently working with and what is your role?
What salary are you looking for?
When would you be available for an interview?



Can we meet in any communication app?

I am self-employed and free now.
I have a small dev team with 3 members and my role is the leader.
In my past project, I worked with 25$/h.
I am available now. Please let me know when you are available. I will be online at that time.
Thank you.