Looking for UE4 programmer with webdev background

• Looking for: Frontwire Studios ( is looking for UE4 programmers with experience in websockets and general web dev for our upcoming project, a cyberpunk combined-arms shooter called Galaxy in Turmoil.
• Our exp: a talented and devoted team consisting of developers in the industry and newcomers alike.
• Project: Galaxy in Turmoil, a cyberpunk combined-arms shooter developed in Unreal Engine 4. We are currently in the final stages of developing a demo to be released prior to our crowdfunding campaign, and we need somebody to assist us with polishing our Discord integration through Gamebridge ( More info on the project and gameplay footage can be found here - |…kWPD_H1gahtzig | | GIF | Gfycat
• Length: Late September for the upcoming demo, ~2 years afterwards.
• Contract: A guaranteed portion of revenue from cowdfunding.

For more information, please message email me at [EMAIL=“”] Thanks!